Photo by Carter Berg

About Jenny

I have loved beads and creating jewelry ever since my mother introduced me to the NYC bead district when I was a child in the eighties. I was mesmerized by one store window after another filled with hanging strands of colorful beads from all over the world. It was paradise for me.

What exactly is a bead? Beads are pierced with a hole and are intended to be put on a string or wire. The original definition of the word bead​​ is: p​rayer. Beads have been used in rituals and ceremonies from various cultures and religions, as well as for adornment. They carry a profound sense of mystery that fascinates me.

Beads can be made from glass, rubber, and plastic, yet the origins of most are found in the natural elements--coming from ruins, mines, clay, wood, and shells from the sea. Some gemstones have patterns on them that look like drawings and others have shapes that are rugged. There are ancient beads, from across the continents, that have survived centuries. I am completely amazed by what the Earth creates!

I am passionate about all art forms and grew up studying dance, painting, and writing. I enjoy travelling and seeing different scenery and learning about various cultures. I find that my inspiration for my pieces can come from a painting, a dance performance, a written quote, or from a gorgeous landscape. I use vintage beads, precious and semiprecious gemstones as well as various metals. I do however, liken my work the most to painting. I pay close attention to the details and the whole piece. Color, texture, and composition must come together!

I am grateful that my parents shared a love for both art and fashion. They have been a huge influence on my creative spiritual quest and the development of JLJ collections that are wearable for many different occasions.

This website will showcase diverse styles that have evolved over the past thirteen years doing what I love. And I look forward to sharing new collections with you every season!

I hope there is something here for everyone at Jenny Lauren Jewelry and that you find as much joy wearing these pieces as I found creating them!